How To Show Appreciation For Your Employees All Year Round

Almost everybody can relate to feeling undervalued or unappreciated at some point in their career. These feelings of not being appreciated by employers are inherently bad, both for the employee themselves and for the companies that they feel unnoticed by. When employees feel underappreciated, they become disengaged with their work. What happens when employees lose motivation? Studies show that bottom lines suffer. If you’re searching for a few simple ways to show your team some love, look no further. We’ve got some ideas for how to show appreciation for your employees all year round.

Launch a recognition program

Don’t wait until the holidays to tell your employees how much they mean to you. Having a structured recognition program in place helps your HR & Culture team stay connected with the rest of your staff throughout the year. Read our blog post on how to launch a stellar employee recognition program.

Map out relevant “social media holidays”

Regardless of your industry or niche, there’s a high probability that there is a social media holiday that recognizes your team’s efforts. Some of these “holidays” are less legitimate than others (here’s looking at you, National Cookie Day), but others are widely recognized in their industries. Keep an eye out for days like Administrative Professionals’ Day (coming up on April 22nd!) to show special attention to specific team members. 

Call out exceptional performance

Whether you make an announcement at the next town hall or send an email to thank them, be sure to call out stellar performance to let your team know that you recognize their hard work. Pairing the thank you with a small gift card is a great way to spark even more motivation! 

Host in-office events

Everybody looks forward to the office holiday party, but don’t wait until then to give employees a chance to unwind and get social. Host extended lunches, activity hours, and town halls on a regular basis to give your team a chance to relax and take their mind off their work for a while. Use these as an opportunity to call out exceptional performances or thank people for their great work! 

Make it meaningful for them 

Make your appreciation efforts more meaningful by using them as an opportunity to showcase your company values. Giving gifts that give back, for example, puts your organization’s corporate social responsibility goals at the forefront and shows support for important social causes. You can also choose a gift that supports the values or interests of the recipients to make it more personal. 


How do you show appreciation for your team? Let us know by commenting below!

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