3 Ways Financial Advisors Can Increase their Customer Retention Rates

As a financial advisor, you understand how important it is to keep clients. According to the Gartner Group, 80% of your future profits are generated by 20% of your existing clients. But keeping clients is not as easy as it sounds. Improving customer retention takes a little bit of strategy and a lot of creativity. Below, we have three ideas that can help you keep your clients with you for the long haul.

How to Recession-Proof Your Small Business

When it comes to recessions, it’s really a matter of when–not if–another one is coming. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to the ebbs and flows of the economy, so it’s important for those running small businesses to always be thinking about how they can solidify their business enough to sustain through an economic downturn. Here are a few strategies that small business owners may want to consider adopting in order to recession-proof their ventures.