How Much Should You Spend on Corporate Gifts?

There are many moving pieces that can impact your corporate gifting strategy. Of course, cost is one of the 5Cs of customer touchpoint gifts and has the biggest impact on the type of gifts you send, how often...

Ask The Experts: How To Manage Remote Teams

Remote work is a new reality for many in the workforce. As newly remote teams adjust to a virtual workforce, managers need to adjust to managing a team that they no longer have a physical presence with. We reached out our LinkedIn community to get some advice from remote managers who have been working remotely long before the COVID pandemic. Read below to see what they had to say.

How to Choose the Right Corporate Gifting Company for Your Business

Trusting someone else to make an impression on your behalf can be scary, especially if you’re asking them to make an impression on your clients or employees. That is why it is important to take your time when choosing a corporate gifting company to ensure that you find the right one. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating which corporate gifting company is right for your business. 

Canadian Companies That Give Back

As a social enterprise, we’re always inspired to learn about other companies that give back in some way. We’re even more excited when those companies also happen to be Canadian!  Below, we have listed ten Canadian companies that have inspired us through their support of various causes including stopping childhood hunger, preserving the environment, and ending youth homelessness.