Put corporate gift giving on autopilot. 

Stay top of mind.
Strengthen business relationships.
Take back your time.

A well-timed employee or client gift can make a big impact. We specialize in sending stand-out gifts at the perfect time so that you can keep in touch without taking you away from your to-do list.

How it works

Customize a gift

The fun part! Tell us the look and feel you're going for and we'll curate a custom gift. 

Set your budget

We'll work within your budget! Our custom options start as low as $40 each. 

Build a VIP list

Let us know who you'd like to send gifts to and where is the best place to send them.

Set a cadence

Whether you want to touch base monthly or based on specific events, just set it and forget it! 

That's it!

We'll take care of the rest. From sourcing products to packing and shipping your complete gift boxes and making the final donation to your chosen charity, all you have to is sit back and wait for the thank you notes to roll in. 

Questions about our automated customer touchpoint program?