During the past few months, the world has seen unprecedented changes. Things that many of us took for granted, like handshakes and hugs, are now only acceptable for those in your household. Events of all sizes have been cancelled, from dinners to concert tours. Despite the physical distance, the fact that we're all experiencing this as a collective has connected all kinds of people in unimaginable ways.

When the pandemic began to impact our region, our first response was to pause our regular business operations and get a sense of how our community was reacting. We were hesitant to release new gift boxes, send any sales emails, or post about anything flippant on social media. It wasn't until a few weeks into city-wide social distancing measures that we decided to continue on and launch our new collection. The decision came because we were reminded of our core mission to make gifting more meaningful. We thought about the purpose of our business; to foster connection and give back to communities and decided that a service like ours has never been more necessary. 

Last week we launched our Spring 2020 gift collection and so far our theory has proven right. People have been sending our gifts to celebrate birthdays, new babies, and even Easter, and have been leaving heartfelt messages that have reminded us why we started in the first place. Human connection exists with or without physical connection. We're so proud to be able to offer a way for people to maintain close connection with those that they care about, whether family, friends, or colleagues, and are even more proud to be able to impact our community in the process. 

We just wanted to say thank you to our vendors, many of whom are small businesses who are no doubt feeling the impact of the situation at hand. And to our customers for being so receptive of our offering and for giving us a reason to keep going with this business. We're all experiencing this unprecedented time together, and we couldn't be more proud to be helping some of you cope in some way. 

Whether you're a charity that would like to partner on a gift box, a small business who would like to collaborate, or a customer looking to make a purchase, we can always be reached at hello@giftbetter.co.  

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