Managers and executives of all industries agree that it can be challenging to keep employees motivated– particularly during busy times at the office. With the data showing that employee engagement drives profitability, keeping your employees engaged and motivated is no longer simply a nice to have. Here are a few ideas that go a long way in improving employee engagement and boosting morale. 

Show recognition

Don’t assume that your team knows how much you appreciate their efforts. Take some time to highlight the great work of a few individuals, or send out an email thanking your whole team for a specific action. 

Provide feedback

Just because there’s a big deadline, doesn’t mean there’s no time to help someone improve their performance. Apps like Fellow leverage technology help managers conduct better 1:1 and team meetings, so that feedback is structured, consistent, and productive.

Be flexible

Not everybody hits peak productivity between 9-5. Offer your employees options to work from home, extend office hours for those who work better a little earlier or later, and try to avoid meetings that could be calls and calls that could be emails.

Make small gestures

Small gifts go a long way, especially if you can find one that speaks directly to your team’s efforts, like ourTax Season Survival Kit for CPAs during tax season, which also supports Canadian financial literacy programs. 

Take a stand

Research shows that 75% of millennials expect their employer to take a stand on important issues affecting the communities in which they do business. Giving back through volunteer programs or donations is one way to foster connectivity with your team. 

Celebrate as a team

Organize a team activity to mark the end of a project or busy period. A team outing can relieve stress, facilitate bonds between employees, and give teams a chance to unwind. 

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about how you can keep your team feeling motivated during your next busy season. How do you make sure that your team is uplifted on the job? 

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