10 Customer Appreciation Ideas To Show Clients You Care

We’re going to go out on a limb and assume that you’re thankful for your customers. After all, without them, you wouldn’t have much work to do. The question is, how often do you take time to show your customers how much you appreciate them? 

Customer appreciation can be in the form of both big and small acts. There are many ways to show your customers you care. Here are a few ways to say thank you to the people who keep the lights on. 

Write a hand-written thank you

Never underestimate the power of a classic hand-written note to show gratitude. In the age of digital everything, you’d be surprised at how many of your customers will appreciate you taking the time to write them a quick thank you.

Acknowledge special milestones

Hopefully you’re connecting with your customers beyond your inbox (that’s what LinkedIn is for!) and have an idea of when they’re celebrating special milestones. Keep an eye out for people who receive promotions, are having babies, or even recently completed their first marathon, and send them a small gift or card to acknowledge the milestone. Showing your customers you care about them outside of the context of your business relationship will help you build rapport, and will help keep you in good favour when it’s time for contract renewals. 

Start a loyalty program

Depending on your business model, it may be beneficial to implement a customer loyalty program with special offers for longtime or recurring customers. Not only will this incentivize them to keep coming back, but it will also show them that you appreciate their repeat business. 

Nominate them for opportunities

No matter what industry your customers are in, there is probably a conference or award that celebrates the best of the best in that niche. Keeping an eye out for opportunities to nominate your customers for awards or to speak at events goes a long way in showing your customers how much you believe in them. Of course, ask their permission before you nominate them for anything to make sure you have clearance from the company. 

Arrange on-site meetings

Virtual meetings reign supreme these days, but nothing beats getting some one-on-one time with your customers. Making a point to get out there and meet with your customers face-to-face allows for an energy exchange that you simply can’t get from a Zoom call. 

Offer exclusive discounts

Nothing says “thank you” like exclusive savings. Show your customers you care by sending them special offers to save on or bundle services. This shows them that you’re thinking of them while creating an opportunity to boost brand loyalty. 

Create an onboarding package

Start the “thank you” train as soon as a new customer signs on by creating an onboarding package to welcome them. Send a small package of items to the account lead who helped close the deal. A mix of branded and non-branded gifts that tell your customer what your company is all about is a great way to show appreciation. At Gift Better Co., we work to curate custom onboarding gifts that give back to the charity of your choice so that customers can get a sense of what you’re all about and you can both feel good knowing that your gift made an impact. 

Host a VIP event

Whether there's an industry event where you know your customers will be, or you have multiple customers right in your hometown, take the time to host a dinner or cocktail hour to thank them for being so loyal. Giving your customers an exclusive event to thank them for their business has many benefits– not only does it allow you to get some facetime with multiple customers at once, but it also gives your customers a chance to mingle with each other and see that they’re not alone in their support of your business! 

Put the spotlight on them 

A little social media shoutout goes a long way! Take the time to call out your customers for the great work that they’re doing. From simple tweets to full-blown case studies, showcasing your customers on your own platform is a surefire way to show them how much you appreciate them. 

Say happy holidays!

We believe that customer appreciation is a year-round effort, but it’s crucial to be among the sea of acknowledgments that your customers receive during the holiday season as well. Gift Better Co. makes it easy to curate meaningful holiday gifts that give back. Reach out to hello@giftbetter.co to get a head start on holiday orders.

Remember that any act of gratitude will go a long way in maintaining rapport and building brand loyalty among your customer base. How do you go about demonstrating customer appreciation?

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