50 Gifts
13 Countries
5 Small Businesses Supported
  • ★★★★★
    The team made our experience seamless, they were timely, open to feedback, communicated effectively, and made great suggestions for our developers. They also handled everything from start to finish including shipping internationally. Knowing that every gift also contributed to a charitable cause was the icing on the cake!
  • Abir Dalati
  • The Why

    Millions of merchants trust Shopify to run their business—but they need developers to build the tools that help them achieve independence. Shopify was looking for a meaningful way to say thank you to the global community of app developers who keep their platform thriving, so they contacted Gift Better Co. to curate a custom gift to send them as a token of appreciation.

    After hearing Shopify staff members rave about the importance of the app developer community, we knew that we had to deliver something special. So, we set out on a mission to create a custom gift that recipients couldn’t help but rave about. 

    The address collect page allowed us to seamlessly collect addresses and ship 50 gifts to 13 countries. 

  • The Challenge

    This project posed some logistical challenges. Shopify’s developer community spans the globe and our point of contact at Shopify didn’t have all of the addresses of the recipients. To help ensure that the gifts ended up in the right hands, we created a custom address collect page with a secret link so that potential gift recipients could fill in their shipping info and we would know where to send each gift. The Shopify team simply sent the secret link to each developer that they wanted to send a gift to, and we took care of the rest! 

    The address collect page allowed us to seamlessly collect addresses and ship 50 gifts to 13 countries. 

The Gift

Each gift included: 

  • Custom Branded 121 Piece Puzzle: Puzzle-solving is a great relaxation technique. This branded puzzle provides the perfect level of challenge and reward! 
  • Branded gummy candies from Candy Fix, a woman-owned, Canadian business 
  • An eco-innovative reusable matte black insulated mug
  • A bag of Espresso from award-winning Brown Bag Coffee Roasters, a company based in Aylmer, Quebec
  • A high-quality “note-to-self” linen journal 
  • A custom designed coaster from Versatile, a company in Almonte, Ontario, with “<BR>” (HTML Line Break), a play on taking a break for the app developers 
  • A custom-designed “thank you” greeting card chocolate bar. 

The Impact

With each of these gifts, a donation was made to provide underserved communities with access to essential technology through Let’s Get Together, a nonprofit organization based in Toronto, Canada. To learn more about Let’s Get Together, click here.

The Response

It’s safe to say that the gifts were a success! We’ll let the social media posts from the Shopify Developer community speak for themselves. The gift even prompted an inspiring blog post from Dylan J. Pierce!  

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