Surprise them with a gift they'll love.

We curate gift theme options and let recipients select their top pick. Coffee or cocktails? Let them choose while maintaining the element of surprise. 

Give giftees a choice.

Allow gift recipients to select a gift theme option that fits their preference. Guarantee they’ll love the gift and still be surprised by what’s inside.

How it works:

  • Narrow down your options.

    Choose a couple of gift theme options and we'll curate gifts that align with those themes.

  • Let your recipients choose.

    Send your branded landing page to recipients to select their gift theme preference and provide their mailing address.

  • Surprise and delight.

    Once all recipients have made their choice, we'll handle the rest! We'll pack and ship the gifts while you wait for the thank yous to roll in.

Build scalable solutions into your corporate gifting strategy.