Why Employee Gifting is Always Worth the Investment

Like your clients, your employees play a big role in the success of your business. Employee gift giving is a great way to show that you recognize and appreciate all of your team’s hard work. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of taking the time to show appreciation to your employees, and why employee gifts are a great business investment.

Improves Morale

A well-timed gift has the potential to drastically improve someone's day. A meaningful employee gift can be useful in helping improve team morale, which is especially important now that many of us are largely disconnected from our coworkers. According to a Staples Advantage survey, 75% of employees that were given gifts said it enhances morale. Adding a boost of positive energy to your team can go a long way in improving morale across your team, which makes work more enjoyable for both you and your employees.

Boosts Performance

Meaningful gifts help employees feel respected, appreciated and valued, and can also facilitate collaboration, brainstorming and create a sense of pride in the workplace. A study titled  A Gift for Gratitude and Cooperative Behavior showed that there is a strong relationship between gift donation and cooperation and behavioural performance. Additionally, rewarding employees for their accomplishments increases the likelihood of them striving to reach similar accomplishments in the future.

Impacts Loyalty

Employee gift giving can also help with building loyalty. In a Swarovski corporate gift giving study 80% of employees said that corporate gifts create a stronger sense of loyalty. Interestingly, this increased to 90% of the employees that were high income earners. By giving your employees a gift, you not only make them feel valued, you also increase their likelihood of staying with your company longer. Thanks to The Great Resignation, many companies are finding it harder than ever to retain top talent. Step one in any retention effort should be making employees feel seen and appreciated. Read here for more tips on how to attract and retain millennial talent.

Increases Motivation

If you want to motivate your employees, try sending them a gift. Another key finding from the Swarovski corporate gift giving study was that 80% of employees felt that corporate gifts made them feel motivated to meet or surpass their performance targets. For high income earning employees, this increased to 82%. 

Highlights Company Values Through Giving Back

Employee gifts can also be an opportunity to put your company values into action. By partnering with local charities or making deliberate choices about vendor selection you can demonstrate a commitment to your values. Curating gifts that align with your company's values is an opportunity to recognize your employees' efforts while reminding them of the positive impact they're making through their work at your company. For ideas on more ways to reinforce your corporate values, read our blog post here.

Now that you understand the why behind employee gifts, let's get started on creating the perfect employee appreciation gifts for your team! Connect with us today to create custom employee appreciation gifts that highlight your company values and show your team you care. 

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