Since the idea for Gift Better Co. took root nearly 3 years ago, the company has grown and evolved beyond our imaginations. Over the past few months the team has been working on a brand refresh to make sure that our visual identity and positioning reflect not only where the company is now, but where we see it going. That’s why we’re beyond excited to unveil our new brand to you today! 

Taking a look at our website and social channels, you’ll notice a more bold visual identity. We knew that we wanted to have a more bold look and feel that would convey confidence so that the amazing companies that we serve best could have confidence in us as well. The colours that we chose evoke the thing that we obsess about most here at Gift Better Co.: joy. 

Gift open

Our biggest reason for doing this brand refresh is that we wanted to make sure that our positioning was on point when we brought our new gifting solutions for companies who are passionate about making an impact through gifting to market. 

After years of listening to the pain points that some of North America’s leading companies face when it comes to getting meaningful, memorable, and unique gifts in the hands of their employees, clients, prospects, and partners, we created a few solutions to help smooth out some of those kinks: 

  • Enterprise Gifting Portals -  Companies can empower multiple departments to send pre-approved, on-brand gifts through a custom company portal. Cut down on lead times and eliminate back and forth for approvals.
  • Store and Send - We store and manage your inventory at our warehouse, so we can customize, package, and ship gifts in record time.
  • Options at Scale - Allow gift recipients to select a gift theme option that fits their preference. Guarantee they’ll love the gift and still be surprised by what’s inside.
  • Address Collect -Tracking down mailing addresses for your clients and colleagues has become tricky in this remote-first world. We have a solution.

Please poke around our website to get a feel for our new brand colours, illustrative elements, positioning, and most importantly our new services! If you are curious to learn more about any of them, we would love to chat

We couldn’t have done this rebrand without the help of the incredible brand strategist Reagan Bradley, who helped us establish our updated positioning, Rassel Chaghoury, whose vibrant illustrations brought our brand to life, and of course each member of our full-time team, who weren’t shy about giving equal parts constructive feedback, encouragement, and a whole lot of patience throughout this process. 

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