Important Customer Touchpoints for your Small Business

When you think about customer touchpoints, you likely think about all the ways your customers connect with your company when they are in the process of placing an order. There are plenty of other customer touchpoints that can impact your customer’s experience - before and after they engage with an actual person from your business. Below, we have listed a couple of these important customer touchpoints to help you deliver the best experience for your customers and prospects. 


Advertisements could be the very first touchpoint your customers have with your business. A simple online advertisement can not only help build brand awareness but also help your company generate new leads. By driving more traffic to your company’s website, advertisements can help guide your new leads to start their own customer journey with your business.

Social Media

Whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, it’s important to have an online presence. Keeping corporate social media pages can help you with customer acquisition, brand building, and can help you create a more personal connection with your ideal audience. Working to find the balance between consistently providing value and communicating your company story is a long term investment with a big return.


Before customers start purchasing from your company, they will likely visit your website to get a better understanding of your business. A website with clear communication and unique design will not only help enhance a potential customer’s experience on your company’s website but could also help influence your customers’ future purchases from your business.


Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your customers who are in the post-purchase phase of their customer journey. If keeping in touch is not enough, sending newsletters can help drive more traffic on your website, increase sales, and reinforce your relationships with your customers, among other benefits. There are a wide variety of user-friendly and affordable platforms that make it easy to send professional-looking newsletters with minimal effort. 


Gifts can play an important role in shaping your customer’s experience with your business. With a well-timed gift, you can help show your appreciation for your customers which in turn can help strengthen your relationships with your clients and increase customer loyalty. For more information on customer touchpoint gifts, reach out to

Author: Chloe Barclay-Illing

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