When we launched Gift Better Co. in December 2019, we had no idea that a few short months later everything about the way everyone in the world connects with one another would change drastically.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve on a daily basis, we’ve been standing by, following official guidelines to mitigate the spread of the virus, and keeping in close contact with our vendors to understand how ever-changing laws and regulations may impact their (and subsequently our) business.

We believe that as social distancing is slowly becoming our new normal, gifting is an optimal way to make and maintain meaningful connections. Read on to see how we’re taking precautions to ensure that our customers still have the opportunity to send kindness, comfort, and well wishes to those that they care about. With rapid changes happening on an almost daily basis, we’re doing our best to continue supporting our customers and suppliers the best we can. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the situation evolves.

Business Operations

Prior to being advised to practice social distancing, our inventory was housed in a shared warehouse. Since we’ve been advised to stay home to flatten the curve, our mighty team of two has been working remotely and has moved all inventory from the warehouse into our homes. We will be sanitizing items as we pack them and shipping them from our homes until it’s deemed safe to return to our workspace.


We will continue shipping via Canada Post as per usual. Shipping dates are no longer being guaranteed by Canada Post, and delays are to be expected due to the surplus in packages being sent. To help combat the delayed shipping times, we’re now guaranteeing same-day processing to ensure that gifts get sent out as soon as possible.

New Boxes

We’ve launched a new range of premium curated gift boxes so that our customers can send gifts to celebrate special occasions or to simply say that they’re thinking of the recipient. Shop the new collection here.

Custom Gifting

Because of the constant changes around how other businesses are operating, our custom gifting service is also changing as things evolve. Although we can no longer guarantee the availability of all of the custom items that we usually offer, we are still working with our customers to curate meaningful gifts based on their needs using only Canadian vendors. We want to offer this service as long as we can in order to continue supporting small businesses and charitable organizations.

If you have any questions or concerns about our operations, please feel free to reach out to our team at hello@giftbetter.co.

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