uOttawa custom graduation gifts

The University of Ottawa needed help designing, assembling, and distributing custom-branded bilingual gift boxes to celebrate their 9600 graduates in the Class of 2021. The University was looking for high quality, ethically sourced, and meaningful items that exemplified their values and to make the virtual ceremony more engaging.

Our Approach

Gifting for 9600 graduates is no small task, so we started by gathering one of our favourite things –DATA! We conducted a survey to find out what mattered most to uOttawa's class of 2021. Through our research, we found that 93% of grads-to-be said that Mental Health Awareness is very important to them. We also found that gifts that were visually appealing and practical were most likely to stand out to them.

We sent a proposal to the Events and Ceremonies team that outlined the insights that we found, articulated our vision for the gift, and provided examples of the different products that would fill each box and the vendors that would supply those items.

As with most of our gifts, we went with a local-first approach. We even sourced products from uOttawa alumni businesses to help us pull off the project. 

Items Included

Custom Instagram Filter

  • Locally-made and custom designed wooden desk cube pen and pencil holder with etched map of campus & uOttawa logo
  • 2021 graduation tassel in school colours
  • Custom branded celebratory confetti popper with uOttawa's colours of garnet and black
  • Branded notebook
  • Branded pen & pencil
  • Keepsake card highlighting the school's values
  • Donation card highlighting the give back element of the gift
  • Plantable card (that grows wildflowers!) with QR code leading to custom Instagram filter to add a social element to the virtual celebration

The Results

Each of uOttawa's 2021 graduates received a branded gift box full of items that communicated the University's values, supported local businesses, and encouraged them to share their uOttawa pride!

uOttawa Convocation Gifts

The Impact

 Keeping with our commitment to giving back with each gift, we donated $9600 to the University of Ottawa's Student Wellness Fund. This project also supported 3 alumni-owned businesses and 5 Canadian businesses in a major way! 

Gift Better Co. curated exactly what we were hoping to deliver to our graduates: a sentimental gift that made recipients feel celebrated, special, and hopeful for their bright futures.

 Emily Porter, Manager - Events and Protocol

Gift Better Co. specializes in curating and distributing high-volume custom gifts that wow recipients and make a social impact. If you work in higher education and have been looking for ways to spread school spirit without adding to your workload, contact us to learn how we can help! 

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