How To Reinforce Your Corporate Values

Having clear core values is critical for any organization, no matter what stage or size. Core values serve as a company’s manifesto, setting out the most important elements of the how and why the company exists beyond driving revenue. While determining your company’s core values is a process of its own, reinforcing those values is crucial for ensuring that they’re embraced company-wide and are always upheld as a high priority.

Here are some ways that leaders can reinforce their organization's values in day-to-day work. 

Shout Out Examples of Core Values In Practice

Create a system where managers and employees can praise one another for exemplifying core values. Here at Gift Better Co., we used Google Groups to create a Shoutout thread where we celebrate when a teammate shows their commitment to our core values. 

Display Them Visually

If you have an office, designate some space to create a visual representation of your company values so that employees can be reminded every day about why they’re doing what they do. No office? Create an infographic or slide presentation that can be easily referenced by your team. 

Make Sure They Apply To Everyone 

It’s easy to envision how you want your customer to feel when they interact with your company or use your services. But your core values should apply to both clients and employees. When describing each core value, detail how you expect it to extend to customers and within your team. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Revisit 

As your business evolves, it’s totally normal for your core values to evolve as well. You may learn that there are better ways to articulate what matters most to you and your company, or you may simply find that certain things matter more to you as time goes on. Don’t be afraid to revisit your company core values and redefine them as necessary. 

How do you reinforce your brand’s values? How often do you revisit or refresh them?

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