How To Create A Productive Work From Home Environment

Many people are working from home for the first time this week. Although a home office would be an ideal place to get remote work done, many of us are trying our best to carve out space in our busy homes. Here are our top tips to make the best of a makeshift remote work station in the absence of a full office. 

Find A Quiet Place

Do your best to find a quiet space in your house to set up shop. Though this may be much easier for some than others, it’s important to designate a workspace that is away from high-traffic areas in your home. A bedroom, a basement, or even a quiet corner will minimize distractions and let you focus on your work, even if only for short periods of time. 

Keep Things Clutter-Free

Keep your workspace clean to keep your eyes and mind focused on your actual work. Clear away coffee cups, extra books and stationery, and unused technology from your desk to give yourself plenty of room to think and work. 

Make The Space Your Own

Once you’ve chosen a designated workspace, make it yours by adding some personal touches to the area. Consider adding some plants, a scented diffuser, or some wall decor to make the space feel more like your own office. This is your chance to get creative, but remember to keep things clean and tidy! 

Find Some Natural Light

One of the perks from working remotely is that you have the ability to choose where you want to work. Try to make your workspace in front of or close to a window to let plenty of natural light to shine through. This will keep you well-lit during conference calls as well as boost your mood throughout the day. 

Stay Charged Up 

Make sure that your new work station is close to a power outlet. If you don’t have enough outlets for all of your technology, order an extra power bar to ensure that you’re not scrambling to plug things in in the middle of your workday. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Step Away

It can be easy to work throughout the entire day when you’re at home, because there are no large groups of people going for lunch, and the office never really closes. But make sure you take meaningful breaks from your workspace throughout the day to give yourself an opportunity to recharge. Use this time to grab a snack, go for a walk, and check on your family. 

How do you optimize your work from home space? 

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