Although social distancing guidelines are loosening in many areas, Father’s Day still may not be the same for many families around the world. Here are a few ways that you can celebrate Father’s Day from a distance this year, so Dad still feels appreciated and you still feel safe!

Arrange a drink drop off

You may not be able to enjoy a cold one with Dad, but you can still send him some brews to get his spirits up! Many local breweries, like Broadhead Beer, are offering free local deliveries and flat rate shipping. Order ahead of time so you stay ahead of the Father’s Day rush! 

Plan a family bike ride

With many parks and bike trails now open, planning a group bike ride is now a possibility as long as the weather is right. Choose a path, pick a meeting point, and hit the trails with your dad to spend some quality time without getting too close!

Host a (virtual) game night

If your family is split up in multiple houses, organizing a virtual game night can be a great way to bring everyone together in honour of Dad. Platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts make video calls easy, while Jackbox TV allows players to join party rooms for more interactive gameplay. 

Send a gift

If seeing your dad on his special day isn’t an option, sending a meaningful gift is a great way to show your love. Check out our Father’s Day collection for a variety of gift boxes that give back. Each gift box gives back to a Canadian charity, and many of the gifts are 100% locally made here in Ottawa so you can give Dad a sense of hometown pride, too! 

Deliver his favourite meal

Whether you want to throw down in the kitchen and prepare a meal yourself, or order from restaurants offering takeout menus (like The Savoy Brasserie), Dad will surely appreciate a special brunch or dinner to celebrate the big day.

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