Customer Story: Mortgage Agent Julie Sheremeto

As a new business, our customers mean everything to us. Whether positive or negative, it’s crucial for us to get feedback from our customers to understand how we can better serve them. Being able to build out a customer testimonial based on those feedback discussions is an added bonus.

For this customer story, we are highlighting mortgage agent Julie Sheremeto. Originally a math teacher, Julie made the decision to start a new career working as a mortgage agent under a brokerage firm called The Mortgage Advisors. Since starting out as a self-employed agent four years ago, Julie has tried many different ways to stay connected with her clients. Read on to learn how she came to work with Gift Better Co. to build a more meaningful connection with her client base. 

“As a mortgage agent, doing my job properly isn’t good enough, even if I do it well. In order to get the referrals that my business relies on, I need to go above and beyond to let my clients know they’re valued.”  - Julie Sheremeto 

Before Gift Better Co.

As a mortgage agent, Julie’s main source of business is referrals. In order to gain referrals, Julie has to not only differentiate herself from other mortgage agents but also show clients that they are valued. Prior to reaching out to Gift Better Co., Julie tried various gifting platforms to send thank-you gifts to new clients. However, she discovered our services while looking for a local gifting service with more options for customization.

Choosing Gift Better Co.

By creating a custom customer touchpoint gift which features a gift box stamped with her logo and a custom card, Julie was able to not only send gifts that show clients that they are valued, but also support local businesses while giving back to a local charity. 

The Impact

Julie wanted each of her gifts to support a relevant local cause to drive an even deeper connection with her clients. Understanding the urgent need for COVID-related help within the community, Julie chose to support the Ottawa Hospital Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund with each gift. 

The Outcome

The main goal of Julie’s customer touchpoint gifts is to demonstrate to her clients how valued they are. Since implementing our gifts into her onboarding process a few months ago, Julie has received numerous thank-you calls and messages from recipients. Clients have even taken their praise for the gifts online, sharing their gratitude with their social media followers. In addition to getting great feedback from her clients, other business owners have also taken notice of the gifts and are thrilled to see Julie giving back to the community. Only time will tell whether the gifts have an impact on the number of referrals that Julie gets or her overall customer retention, but for now, the feedback has certainly been promising. 

Testimonial from Julie Sheremeto

If you’re interested in creating custom customer touchpoint gifts for your most valued clients, reach out to to talk to our team.

Author: Chloe Barclay-Illing

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