In early August an explosion occurred at the port in Beirut. This devastating blast in the Lebanese capital has impacted many lives, causing homelessness, injuries, and death. 

To support Beirut in this tragic time, we created a new, limited edition gift box. All of the proceeds from the gift box purchases will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross to help with the aftermath of the recent Beirut explosion. 

The Lebanese Red Cross has been helping the victims of the Beirut explosion in a variety of ways including conducting search and rescue missions, providing emergency shelters and kits to families in need, and providing emergency medical services (ambulances, first aid stations, and access to Red Cross medical centers). 

By purchasing a gift box, you can help the Lebanese Red Cross continue to help the people that were impacted by the blast.


Items in the gift box include:

  • “Pray for Beirut” ceramic coaster
  • Bag of Maatouk Lebanese coffee made in Lebanon
  • Custom made “Beirut in our hearts” tea towel

So far, the humanitarian organization has helped 23,700 people, but many more need help now and will continue to need support over the coming weeks and months. 

Thank you to those who purchased a box to support those impacted in Beirut. 

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