The art of employee engagement has forever shifted. Now in addition to their usual considerations, team leaders and corporate culture professionals are tasked with continuously showing up for their team despite being physically distant. With the timeline for when work will return to “normal” still unclear, we’ve decided to give you some ideas for how to show your team you care, all while keeping a distance. 

Host a virtual retreat

The slower pace of summer usually makes for the perfect time to host employee retreats or organize team-building exercises. Since the physical distancing protocols haven’t loosened enough to allow large gatherings, hosting a virtual event could be a great workaround. Many team-building experts, speakers, and trainers are still offering their services online, so think about blocking off a few days and hiring someone to host a virtual event that pushes your team’s culture forward, facilitates team bonding, or gives them a chance to brainstorm in a more relaxed environment. 

Send custom care packages 

Ask each of your team leads for some intel on each of their team members, and send your staff a meaningful gift with a heartfelt message to show that you’re thinking of them. Gift Better Co. offers highly custom corporate gifts that allow you to order from a wide selection of gifts and customize each one for your team, so each person feels appreciated in a unique way. 

Allow flexible working hours 

The summer sun is begging everybody to get outside, so give your team a chance to do so! Consider giving them the option to work an extra hour each weekday in order to take Friday afternoon off, or some other type of flex program that gives them a chance to free up a weekday of their choice. Doing this not only lets your team know how much you care, it also gives them an opportunity to unwind, which ultimately will make them more relaxed and productive while at work. 

Host an “Ask Me Anything” 

If your team has been feeling disjointed since the office closed, try creating a standing meeting where staff can ask you questions in an open forum. Whether you call it an “Ask Me Anything” or a “town hall”, the goal is to give your employees space to share their thoughts and ask questions, which makes them feel valued and heard. 

Sweat the small stuff

There’s no doubt that recent events have taken a mental toll on your staff. In times like these, extra shows of gratitude can go a long way. Shout out great work on Zoom calls, send emails of encouragement, and stay engaged in conversations so that your team knows that you’re present at all times. These small actions can go a long way in showing your team members that you’re there for them, as well as keeping them motivated to continue making positive contributions to the team. 

Which steps have you been taking to show your employees that you care? Let us know in the comments! 

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