As a small business ourselves, we couldn’t imagine growing the way we have without the support of our community. Our customers often choose Gift Better Co. because they appreciate the fact that we support Canadian charities, but many are also drawn to us because we make sourcing from local makers a priority. In recent years, supporting local businesses has become a movement that many consumers and other businesses are buying into. Here are a few benefits to shopping local, just in case you’re not already on board. 

It shows pride for your community

Whether you’re buying for yourself or for others, choosing to buy from a local shop or maker demonstrates the pride that you have for your community. Ottawa-based customers who buy our gift boxes are usually excited for the opportunity to show the recipients a taste of home. 

Better customer service 

Fewer things are more frustrating than having to speak to 8 different people at 4 different phone numbers in order to get customer service issues resolved. When you are a customer at a small business, you never have to question whether or not you’re valued. The headache of trying to feel heard by a large corporation’s customer service team is eliminated, and a more personal approach is taken to the entire customer experience.

You meet the people behind the product

Feeling connected to your purchase is something unique to shopping local. Buying from smaller businesses lets you get more of a story behind the company and the products that they offer, as well as the people who bring the products to market. Having a personal connection with local business owners furthers your sense of pride in your purchase, which makes you more likely to spread the word about it. It’s a win-win for you and the small biz! 

You help the community thrive

Supporting local businesses boosts your community’s economy, creates jobs, and gives your area a unique identity that won’t be replicated elsewhere. Buy choosing to shop local you’re also directly supporting someone’s passion, and paying that positivity forward can help set up a more positive place for future generations to grow and thrive. 

What is your favourite way to support local businesses? Let us know in the comments! 

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