Customer touchpoints are not just surface-level interactions with your customers, they are opportunities for you to enhance your customer’s experience. Unfortunately, it is possible for important customer touchpoints to be missed, which is why we have listed five different (and possibly overlooked) customer touchpoints that your business should consider incorporating to enhance your customer’s experience.

Automated Emails

Leveraging automation to send emails to your customers creates an opportunity for them to re-engage with the brand (and gives you a chance to upsell and cross-sell to customers) by providing customized content based on customer segments. A couple of automated email ideas to incorporate in your business include welcome, newsletter, contest/giveaway and deals/discounts emails. When it comes to creating automated emails for your business, you should segment your email list, offer personalized messages and monitor the performance of your automated emails.

Contact Forms 

A contact form is an important, and hopefully not overlooked, customer touchpoint. One benefit of having a contact form is that it can help increase customers’ trust in your business. Making yourself more accessible and easy to talk to will increase a customer or prospect’s trust in your business, which can both help encourage potential clients to make a purchase and increase purchases and recommendations from current customers. Contact forms also help eliminate spam, cut down on the amount of phone and email tag that it can take to answer inquiries, are easy for your customers to use, and makes your company website look more professional. An effective contact form should be accessible from all devices, include an explanation about why customers should contact you, and provide contact information (such as an email and/or a phone number). Try to avoid unnecessary questions on your forms to minimize bounces, and incorporate a creative design to keep website visitors engaged.  

Thank You Notes and Gifts

These are great non-digital customer touchpoints that can enhance the customer experience. Sending thank-you notes and gifts to customers shows that you care about your customers and are invested in nurturing your relationship with them. When sending a handwritten thank you note to a customer, you should make it personal, use stationary that relates to your company/brand, and end the note with another thank you. To send a great gift to your customers, you should make it personal, avoid giving company merchandise, and send gifts to your customers outside of the holiday seasons so that your gift stands out. If you need a great gift for your customers, reach out to for custom made gifts or click here for gift box ideas.

Feedback Surveys 

Feedback surveys are another great touchpoint for the customer experience that may be overlooked. These surveys not only provide advice on how to improve your products/services (to enhance customer experience), but also shows that you care about what your customers have to say. When it comes to creating a great feedback survey be sure to thank your customers for their feedback, make sure to inform them of what will happen after they submit the feedback (who will reach out to them, when they will be contacted, etc.) and provide additional links to customer resources. 


This may seem like an odd customer touchpoint, but it is an important part of your customer’s experience. After all, you do not want customers to have a negative experience post-sale. To prevent this from happening consider different tactics such as offering customers a broader range of payment options or incorporating personalized ideas to help customers efficiently use your service/product, which can help make billing both straightforward and easy for customers to understand.

What efforts have you been making to touch base with your customers? We hope that this blog post gave you some new ideas!


Author: Chloe Barclay Illing

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